The Dude of Life Band is a five person, genre-bending group led by the Dude of Life (aka Steve Pollak). For several decades, The Dude’s been writing songs in an ongoing collaboration with Phish and first teamed up with Trey Anastasio while the two were in high school. The Dude wrote lyrics for a number of Phish’s most beloved songs, including Fluffhead, Run Like an Antelope and Suzy Greenberg and has also been a mythical sideshow with the band, making random guest appearances often highlighted by the throwing of uniquely-inscripted rubber chickens into the crowd. The Dude’s debut album, Crimes of the Mind, was recorded with Phish for Elektra Records and released in 1994.

In recent years, The Dude’s developed a more refined sound. A recent burst of creativity has yielded an album’s worth of new material which was recently recorded by acclaimed producer Bryce Goggin. The Dude of Life Band performs these vibrant new songs alongside his Phish classics, plus a variety of danceable covers. The band is Steve Pollak on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Fred Scholl on lead guitar, Charlie de Saint Phalle on bass, Doug Schneider on drums, and Jon Bevo Liebowitz on keyboard. Visit the Dude of Life Band on social media to find out when the Dude is coming to a theatre near you soon.