I’ve had a thing for lot tees since my first Grateful Dead show 9-3-85. I saw 25 shows including Jerry’s last four but I never went on Grateful Dead tour to sell lot t-shirts.

Then, early one morning in 2017, a vision for Fire on the Mountain awoke me. I began to design. Then came Shakedown Street. One design after another. I wondered, if I create subtle Dead inspired clothing for women and men, would Heads buy these simple, subtle song lyric designs?

I began selling my tees online. In Feb 2018 at the NOLA “appendix” show, I took one look at the Dead and Co lot tees, and as much Grateful Dead clothing as I ever remember seeing back on the Grateful Dead lot of days gone by.

I decided then and there I would go on summer tour. I never imagined I’d be selling t-shirts on Shakedown Street, or that I’d find a community of heads that are my family in every way.

Grateful Sweats now has 30+ designs which I offer on shirts, caps, and pins and recently added some Phishy designs and still, inspiration moves me brightly.