Leah Creation Jewelry vinyl jewelry Phish inspired jewelry

Leah Creation Jewelry features vinyl made, phish inspired jewelry.

Welcome to Leah Creation Jewelry!

Picture it. Philly, Spectrum, December 12, 1995. The crowd roars. Lights come up. Chalkdust>Harry>Wilson>Maze. Obviously I was hooked. My first show and I knew it wasn’t my last. It wasn’t just the music that filled me with energy I never knew I had, it was the community. So welcoming, full of love and ready to get down and get weird. I was home.

And now I’m so excited to share my vinyl record jewelry and other musically inspired goods.

Leah Creation Jewelry features handcrafted one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces, belt buckles, and other accessories, all made from scratched/unplayable records. I make a lot of Phish inspired jewelry! My passion is transforming trash to treasure, and giving new life to unplayable 45s & LPs as cherished wearable memories. Keep the music alive in a new form!

Designs are ever-changing, consistently versatile, flattering, and conversation starters. I also am a custom fine jeweler and love any aesthetic/craft challenge, from engagement/weddings rings to sentimental pieces, bringing a vision to life.