Mellow Mood Hemp Co. is a premium quality CBD company. Our commitment to quality begins with our hemp. We start with the highest quality boutique hemp, organically grown on central Indiana farms. No pesticides, no insecticides, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers.

Using the newest technology in lipid infusions, our CBD oil begins with minimal processing. This process is free of any solvents. Our extraction utilizes a gentle infusion that increases bioavailability and preserves all of the naturally occurring compounds (terpenes and cannabinoids) found in the plant.

All CBD is not created equal. With our process, we are able to keep the integrity of each individual strain and the benefits it possesses and do so without the use of harmful solvents. Our purity is verified through third party lab testing.

Relax the body, calm your mind, focus your energy, restore balance, rest well, and boost your well-being with Mellow Mood’s high quality CBD bath bombs and oils.