Spectral Colors Art Phish Inspired Art

Spectral Colors Art - Phish Inspired Art

Hi, my name is Steph and my small business is called Spectral Colors Art – Phish Inspired Art (Phish’s “Scents & Subtle Sounds” inspired). SCA is a fusion of my love for music, the cosmos, and psychedelic art. The technique I use for my fluid art is called acrylic pouring. Pouring involves a flip cup method of a variety of colors. After my pour dries on the canvas, I love to add hand-drawn stars to create a galaxy feel to the painting. I’ll then often incorporate a photograph. All of my paintings are finished in resin, to protect the painting and give it that glass-like shine. Many of my paintings are customs! I love doing custom work and working with people to create them something special. In my shop, you can also find jewelry, clothing, coasters, magnets, ornaments, puzzles, bookmarks, and stickers. Almost everything is handmade!