Phootykits soccer jerseys re-imagine Phish songs as Football (soccer) teams, each with its own logo and uniform (kit). Phish phans root for Phish songs like sports fans root for their teams and will often have lengthy arguments about which version of a song was best. Along those lines, PHOOTYKITS reimagines legendary players on each team as famous versions of each song (Albany YEM, Boise Bag, Nassau Tweezer, etc.).

Phootykits soccer jerseys are authentic jerseys used by amateur and semi-pro teams, which make perfect concert-wear for getting down at those hot summer shows or deep in the pit at your favorite indoor arena.

All jerseys are personalized: pick your name and number, short or long sleeves, even add a quote on the back hem if you like.

Kits are made-to-order and print runs are scheduled every 2 to 3 weeks based on pre-order count. We’ve printed over 20 unique designs, so far, in addition to some repeat printing editions (Tweezer, Hood, YEM) but there are over 60 more to choose from. Play on and blaze on!