This is a Farmhouse is the Phish crafts and tour trinket side of TiffyPops’ work. As the owner and creatress of Morgan Peri Organics Farm and Healing Nursery, she and her husband homestead, work and market locally, while focusing on sustainability, conscious cultivation, and plant-based healing. Whether it is eating a diverse range of healthy farm fresh greens, using essential oils as cleaners in your home instead of bleach, or swapping vegan cheese recipes, our love for the mother earth is reflected in all that we do.

Our shop includes earrings, stash jars, wine and shot glasses, stickers, shirts and more!

Other than growing food and making nature inspired and upcycled crafts, we like to dance and shake our bones. You will of course find this musical inspiration reflected in all we do!

Phish Crafts This is a Farmhouse